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An interesting article about being a good husband can be found here: The Good Husband's Guide. It's worth taking a look at, because it plays off that bogus home economics chapter about being a good wife that was being passed around the Internet constantly a couple years ago.

How to Affair Proof Your Marriage You can always count on The Art of Manliness to give you the real scoop on important subjects like being a good husband. And explaining how to avoid having an affair is as useful a thing to do in the pursuit of being a good husband as I can imagine.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People This is the best program of personal improvement ever created, and the lessons apply to being a good husband as much or more than they apply to being a good businessman. Highly recommended.

Miss Manners Having good manners should be part of every husband's training. Etiquette determines how we all get along, including wives, husbands, and children.